Hey guys, I just bought this course 2 days ago and I struggle to follow a specific topic due to the veriety of videos.
Is there a particular order that I need to watch? like in guitar super system level 2 where the lessons are organized in an order that let you improve and learn
hopefully I made myself clear.
Have a nice day 🙂
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Hi Guy,

I've just revamped the website experience based on feedback from yourself and others regarding a similar "course-style" lesson format. You can now check out the various curriculums in a style you're used to in my Guided Curriculums section. There will also be a Choose Your Destiny section, which is the searchable style I built Guitar Super System as initially. Please let me know how you like it and I appreciate your support!
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Lindsay Buttery Boxtrot
Thanks for your hard work and all endeavours, Tyler. Always appreciated 
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