What kind of music is everyone into here on the board? Here are the last 5 bands I listened to on spotify..

Russian Circles
Pearl Jam
Cave In
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Lindsay Buttery Boxtrot
Classic and Hard Rock were what I grew into, and still fall back upon 50yrs later. I am sure most all of us have that essential influence drawn from the time we first embraced music.
To answer the question though, I have, for many months now, watched primarily guitarists, known and/or unknown to me, and duscovering whatever is brought to my ears from same.
I do resort to watching.....rewatching mostly...bluray or dvd of GILMOUR, Pink Floyd, Foo Fighters (Sonic Highways bluray is just awesome) lot's of the incredible Steve Stevens, and the list becomes a very long one.
Continually open to anything my ears chance upon, I am, this time, embracing with renewed passion, of being able to play acceptably the instrument that has brought me so much pleasure over the decades, having been to see so much live music from most of the greats.
My sincere apologies for not answering the great question with a list as such, but maybe at least I've kind of introduced myself to these forums a little.
Happy to be here  ready for a lot if hard work!!!!👌👍😊😊👍
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I listen to a lot of things, mostly of one kind of rock or another.  A few of my favorite bands are Iron Maiden, Overkill, Alter Bridge, Tremonti, Metallica, and Megadeth.
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My top 5 in no particular order would have to be; Pink Floyd, Rush, Dr. Dog, Avenged Sevenfold, The Lumineers.
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My 5 favorite five bands are:
Foo FIghters
Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and the conspirators
Guns N Roses
Queens of the Stone Age
and defintly Pink Floyd
Do anyone know a band, which sounds a little bit like the Foo Fighters, cause I´m listening to them all day long and I would love to hear some new songs in the same genre?
Thanks @cmcard for this great issue.
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Rock n Roll, 70’s Rock, Surf, 60’s, jazz, classical, Swing, electronica- anything that moves me, basically - no bad music exists,sometimes it just ain’t got that thing. Technical precision doesn’t always impress, I like my sounds Raw and Earthy.
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I listen to a wide range of music. Here's some of my all time favorites:

Black Sabbath
Iron Maiden
Tom Petty 
Bad Religion
Rolling Stones 
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John Moldenhauer
Five favorite bands I listen to still, (+ album / genre)
  • Polyphia            -  (New Levels New Devils, 2018, Math Rock)
  • $uicideBoy$       - (I No Longer Fear The Razor Guarding My Heel, 2015, Emo Trap)
  • Gojira                 -  (THE WAY OF ALL FLESH, 2008, Death Metal)
  • Kamelot               - (The Black Halo, 2005, Symphonic Metal)
  • Alice In Chains   - (Facelift, 1990, Stoner Grunge Metal)
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Some of the bands that have a permanent place on my playlist are Catherine Wheel (shoegaze/alt rock), The Jayhawks (alt country), and Porcupine Tree (prog rock). Lately, I've been listening to some REM and discovering some of Steven Wilson's post-Porcupine Tree work.
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I like most non-pop rock.  My taste is quite eclectic including Salsa and Bachata.   I grew up in the 80s and have a soft spot for 80s metal.  My favorite band of all time is Living Colour.  Tyler should definitely do a video or five on Living Colour.  #CultOfPersonality
And of course this time of year, I'll be rocking the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
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Some of my favorite bands/artists include Within Temptation, Muse, Jason Becker, Sithu Aye, Heaven’s Edge, King’s X, Periphery, Toska, Company of Theives, Best Coast, The Killers, Spoon, The Civil Wars, One Republic, Foo Fighters, Stryper
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Bands I like around now would have to be Idles, Super Organism, Chelsea Wolfe, bands I like in general are Unwound, Swans, Fugazi, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Sonic Youth, Pixies, Radiohead and of course the Jimi Hendrix Experience. 
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Hello everyone,

The top 15 bands/artists that I'm listening almost every day are:

1. John Frusciante 
2. John 5
3. Buckethead
4. Rodrigo y Gabriela
5. Dragonforce
6. Rory Gallagher
7. Johnny Cash
8. Ghost
9. Lindsey Stirling
10. Adrian Von Ziegler
11. Passenger
12. Red Hot Chili Peppers
13. The White Buffalo
14. Dave Simpson
15. Jimi Hendrix
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Some of my favorite bands/artists in no particular order and basically the stuff I listen to on the daily:

Motioncity Soundtrack
Blink 182
Angels and Airwaves
Andrew McMahon
Russian Circles
Say Anything
Brand New
Sara Bareilles

So yeah, basically all over the place.
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My musical tastes change on the weekly. So lately it’s Andy James, Polyphia, Sam Smith, Boyce Avenue, and After the Burial. Next week it’ll be something completely different lol 
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