I wanted to go to college in FL or CA to study music theory and playing to improve and possibly get a job at it and I was wondering if anyone had any insight of what it's like or what I could possibly do with such a degree since I wouldn't to be in a debt for a career that wouldn't benefit me.
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Hey Juju,

I have a B.M. from Berklee, and I have to say there are a lot of different career options if you're willing to put in the work. Depending on your area of major, the options vary, but I'd say the most "sure-thing" career paths lie in either film scoring, production and engineering, or guitar performance. I've made a video on the subject of attending music school in the past that you also may find helpful. On top of that, I've made a video in the past about creating and maintaining a music career that also could provide some nuggets for you. Then, if you're interested in YouTube careers in particular, here's some great advice from a bunch of YouTubers. Good luck!

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