Well i'm Travis from Nebraska and i've joined the guitar super system for a couple different reasons.  I taught myself guitar about 14 years ago so I could join some friends in a band where we wrote and performed original music for about 4 years and then we called it quits.  My guitars have always adorned my walls where I would pick them up and pluck away a little hear and there.  I caught my daughter one day with my guitar laying on the ground strumming it and I got upset only to be caught off guard with her response "well you don't ever play them anymore" needless to say that struck a chord with me.  My son is 6 and loves Slash, I bought him a 3/4 ibanez so not only am I joining to reaffirm and learn things I should have in the first place but to keep the music and connection it brings to myself and my kids.
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