Stig here, 59 years old and have been playing the guitar on and off for a few years now - the “off” refers to the fact that I keep injuring myself pursuing my other hobby of climbing mountains, which slows me down and then just a few weeks ago I ended up in hospital again, having had a stroke - so now my left hand belongs to an alien and for the fifth time I am going to start all over again, #gottalaugh.
i have been following Tyler on YouTube for a while now and enjoy his dry wit so as soon as the opportunity came by to sign up for the Guitar Super System, I snapped it up.
i own a couple of superb Ibanez S series guitars and a cheapo fender alike that I am going to customise aka - ruin.
i like Surf, Rock n Roll, Rockabilly, 70’s Rock and anything else that makes me want to dance - I like Jazz too.
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