Hello my name's Sebastian, I'm nearly 18 been playing guitar since I was 12, I'm into post-punk, post-rock, and experimental music.

I play a pretty bad(but I love her) Korean Bolt on SG I modded after Ian Makaye from Fugazi's guitar. It's red, I took out the neck pick to bring a slide all the way up for noisey parts in a song and I replaced the bridge pick up with a DiMarzio, replaced the plastic nut with graphite and replaced the tuners with Grover tuners. Also I only have 5 strings on it because when I jump around the high e would get caught on my pickup so I just got rid of the e tuner entirely. I also use a Mexican Strat my father gave me.

I use a Vox AC15 with Sovtek tubes.

I joined so I could learn theory and so far it's been great. It's made songwriting much easier.

I also have a crappy Bandcamp that you can check out because why the hell not?
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