So I watched Tyler's video about how to use the chromatic notes effectively but I didn't understand the video and don't know what he means by approach notes and pre-fixed chromatic notes. If you could help explain them to me to help me understand i would greatly appreciate it

P.s: also in the video he talks about flavor notes and mentions the 9 and the flat seven, etc. but I don't know what those mean and I couldn't find any lessons talking about it, so what is the best way to learn how to understand it.
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I was experiencing the same thing. I feel like beginners corner needs to address some of these things. I have never played an instrument before so the best I know at the moment is tabs. 
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I think that the point that Tyler is trying to get at in this video is simply to not get stuck inside the scales. When he is talking about approaching notes, he just means to say that you don't want to linger on chromatic notes, they're like fillers. it's like a sentence; to take the word "the" out of the sentence "the dog jumped over the fence" makes it say, "dog jumped over fence," you still know what is being said, but there's something missing, however you don't want the focus of the sentence to be on the word "the" either because that takes away the centeral purpose. Chromatic notes are like fillers, they're not necessary to tell the story, and they should never be the focus, but they help point your licks in the right direction and strengthen their meaning.

Hope I could help!
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Hi I have been playing for 17 years but with some long gaps without playing.  I am using the course to fill in any gaps that I might have missed along the way.  When I saw this dialogue in the video I said whoa that is a bit technical for a a beginner.   Those are items my music education did cover.  So the answer a couple of your questions. First question about the chromatic scale.   Don't worry about the chromatic scale too much other than the fact it exists.  Play it practice it a few times and move on.  Honestly you will not use it in it's whole.  The next video in that series about Modes.  This is important and good to practice and memorize.  As a beginner it will also be one you will not use that often on the whole but more often than you will ever use the chromatic scale.  Later as you learn more about improvisation you will use it quite a bit.  He is teaching you this earlier than most instructors because he does not want you stuck in a minor penatonic scale and get you used to using all your fingers on the fret board.  

What about the question about Flat Seventh and maj 9th. These are references to the notes in a key or chord the 7th note in that scale is higher by a half step or lower by a half step.  This would be good if he went into more about his.  This is a great primer on music theory and will at least get you a little more background 
  Music is win has one but not at this level of detail.  So in a scale of notes if  7th is flattened it is lower the not by a half step on a guitar basically one fret. Another good link  I hope this makes some sense and helps.
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