Hey folks!

New guy here, signed up about two days ago. Also have only been playing for 5 weeks on acoustic. Got my first electric last weekend. In love with all of this new information to learn.

I'd say I am decently well versed enough in some of the basic terms. If you were to ask me I'd be able to tell you each part is on the guitar and define some very basic terms in regards to music theory, at least I think.

What I am not understanding at this point are when certain chords are named. I know Major and Minor, Sharp and Flat, but once it turns to chord names that include something like sus2, sus4, add9, I get lost and am not sure what this means in relation to what it does to the chord, how it changes the sound, etc. 

Super beginner here to reitterate, but super interested in the theory behind all of this.

Basically what I am asking for is if there is some sort of list I can reference that defines the terms of music theory beyond the very basics?

Loving the course so far and the vast information it provides.

Thanks in advance!
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A major chord usually has a 3rd from the root. 
A SUSspended chord omits the 3rd usually in favor of a 2nd or perfect 4th.  So a sus2 has the 2nd instead of 3rd.  

An add9 chord adds the 9th to the Root, 3rd, and 5th.

As for a reference, Wikipedia usually has a good enough intro to most terms.

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