I've noticed a widely acclaimed book named A Modern Method for Guitar (from the awesome college that Tyler went to 😃 ). However, I find it quite hard to work through (for example, I've stuck for more than a week on just page 4-5 to familiarize myself with the staff and the corresponding finger positions and it looks like I'll never get there). I also have the Berklee sight reading book that Tyler recommended but it looks that one's even harder. Does anyone have some suggestions on how to work on these materials?

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From looking at reviews of that book, it isn’t for beginners.  If you are looking to supplement Tylers instruction with a traditional course, I would check out unit books at your local store and see where you can start.  I came up on Mel Bay back in the ‘80s.  You might just need a little more foundation to feel comfortable with more challenging concepts. (I don’t know anything about you or your skill level so total shots in the dark)

Time-  When learning guitar, being stuck on a page for a week is really not a long time.  If you took conventional lessons, you would only get 2-3 pages a week to practice.  As long as you are working at it, it will come.  Keep at it 🙂
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