I’m quite new to the guitar, but have been slowly chipping away and practicing as much as possible. As of now I’m focusing on the major scale and the modes that come with it. So far I understand the concept of modes (some of the theory is still a tad over my head) and know the shapes for Ionian-Phrygian pretty well. But what I struggle with while trying to improvise is seeing the scales in a linear manner on each string which is hindering me from moving elsewhere on the fretboard. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    I was having this same issue up until recently and I'll tell you what ended up working for me.  I started practicing in a horizontal matter with each starting pattern of the modes.  For example, starting in the Ionian position on the top 2 strings play this 6-note pattern and then play the 6 note pattern for Dorian after that.  The key is to play the Dorian pattern an octave up on the middle 2 strings.  Then finishing with the Phrygian pattern an octave up from that on the bottom 2 strings.  Rinse and repeat, moving to the next mode for the starting position and the corresponding positions.

    Once I started practicing the scales in this manner, it all just clicked for me.  Hope it is able to take you to the next level in your playing.  Let me know if it helps you.  Keep shreddin'.

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