Hi guys,

I'll be conducting a livestream on February 7th at 12pm EST. I'll be emailing a link as the time draws near, so be sure to check your email. Feel free to leave some questions here or in the Live Stream Questions thread. See you there!


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Hey Tyler,

Looking forward to the stream. A couple of questions from my side below,

1. Any tips for improving speed? I'm especially struggling with going above 120 bpm for the scale examples you provided in the Alternate Picking course and am not sure if it's due to me needing to practive more, or if I should adjust my grip on the neck somehow.

2. Do you have any views of pros and cons with using RockSmith 2014 (the video game) to learn guitar?

Cheers from Sweden!
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Kirk R
Tyler, what was the one stand out item for you at this years winter namm?
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Hi guys, was there a livestream? I'm afraid I did not get a link and I'm not sure if the livestream happened or was postponed.
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