Hey guys,

I'm planning for the next live stream, so be sure to leave some questions either in this thread or a new one in this category, and I'll answer as many as I can.

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Looking into getting a new amp. I'm torn between a Hughes and Kettner 18 or a Vox a.c.15? Your thoughts?
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darshan patel
I didn't see any videos on this so I'm asking. I have no musical background and I'm learning to shred. How do I use the metronome? How many notes do I play in 1 tick of the metronome? just 1?
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David Filion-Sauvé
My drummer from my band just change from an electronic drum to a Tama
Does a boss Katana 100/212 is effective against that kind of monster that is pluged into a power amp? if not, what do you recommand?
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motion_Blur .
Hi there!
I am currently struggling with the use of the metronome, I get confused easily. I was wondering if there was any way for me to get comfortable with it.

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I have read that your SuperSystem is based on the guitar curriculum at Berklee which is totally cool. About how fast did it move at Berklee? Is SuperSystem One about a Semester's worth of material? Half a Semester? Your first week? I'm taking my time with it but I was just wondering had I gotten into Berklee back in the 80s (I auditioned but got a very polite "you suck" letter) what would have been expected of me?

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