Hello everyone,
After an moshpit accident 18 years ago (someone did a flip off a platform and landed on me) I stopped playing guitar after losing partial sensation in two of the fingers in my fretting hand and being on a 5 kg lift limit for 2 year.  My main guitars at the time were a Ibanez double neck and a Washburn 6 string bass, which weighed a lot more than 5kg.

Recently I have been feeling the urge to return to playing again and decided to sign up to refresh myself on much of the theory I used to know, and to get myself out of the rut relying on finger memory to play.

I am currently wielding a Johnson Semi-acoustic and an Artiphon Instrument 1.
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Lindsay Buttery Boxtrot
Way to go, man. I think I could speak for most in both welcoming you and wishing you great things on this quest we are all part of. To have experienced that type of loss, and to see you enthusiastically getting back on the horse is very admirable. Well done buddy...every success on your musical journey, Man!!!
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