Hello, friends!

If any of my USA-based guitar students would like to win an Orangewood Echo acoustic guitar, simply respond to this post with a quick sentence or two about why you play guitar, along with your city and state where you live, and I'll chose an answer at random to win the guitar. I'll announce the winner in this thread on Friday, November 30th.

Good luck, and thanks for being a Guitar Super System student! More giveaways for international folks to come soon!


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My reasons for playing guitar have evolved (in a good direction, I reckon):

- Firstly, at age 12, my parents basically made me play an instrument. Drums were not allowed, guitar it was.

- Secondly, at age 16, I wanted to impress a girl. I played some cool power chords and she was pretty impressed.

- Thirdly, lately, at age 25, I rediscovered my guitar and now I play because I truly enjoy it. Playing has become the goal in itself; no longer trying to impress parents or a girl (although that's still a plus). Improving and understanding some of the music theory behind what I am learning also gives me tons of intellectual satisfaction.


I live in Belgium, East-Flanders.

E: oops, sorry, I'm not USA based obviously. I'll wait for next give-away :-)


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The reason I play guitar is because I love music and am passionate about playing it, to entertain friends and family, and to develop a better memory and keep my mind sharp. I live in Matthews, North Carolina 
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I play guitar as I believe music is the best way to express emotion. Music has a way of bringing people together like nothing else. I may be god awful at it but I still love it 🙂. I live in Arlington, Massachusetts.
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The reason I play guitar is because as I’m getting older i wanted to create habits that I knew I could carry with me even when I’m 90 years old and I feel playing a music instrument is one of them. I am from Burr Ridge, Illinois.
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I play because I’ve always enjoyed music and my Brother-in-law and nieces have recently taken up guitar/bass/drums and it’s a great way to spend time with the family! I’m in Dallas, Texas
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I play guitar because it is the most enjoyment I can find in anything. I believe music, and art in general, is the purest expression of the soul, and I love expressing my emotions using the guitar.  I love to be able to sit down when I'm stressed and just forget about everything, and just be in the moment, and guitar is my way of doing that.

I'm in Chesterland (near Cleveland), Ohio USA
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I play guitar because I wanted a challenge to keep my mind sharp and work on finger dexterity. Also, I like music and wanted to learn how to make my own. I'm from Tacoma, WA.
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Ronald H
I play guitar because it is gives me enjoyment, and way to express my emotions and my own style. When I play I just am happy and am able to tune out everything else and just have fun. Located in Southwick, Ma.

Rock on \m/
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Too bad it's only for US people 🙂

Anyway I will tell why I play guitar. I started very young but I think I Lost my way on the road only searching for technical difficulty.

I got some health problems (nothing too serious) because I never express my emotions. Music is now the way I have to express them. Since I realized that I am feeling much better. Next step would be to share my creation.

Thanks for your website.

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I was in a band in my high school days just for fun and then fell out with playing regularly until I recently started playing with my Church Worship team and have fallen in love with playing all over again.  I live in a little town called Kenton, Ohio
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I play guitar because it helps me express my love of music and it's a great avenue of worship since I play in our band at church.  I fell in love with guitar the first time I heard a David Gilmour solo and haven't looked back.  

Dallas, NC
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I started playing guitar, because music helped me get over depression in highschool. Now I am much more social and have found a group of friends all share the same love of music that I do and Love listening to me play.

Lincoln, NE
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I started learning to play guitar because my older Brother does, and it let us connect better.  I continue to play and learn because it clears my head, and it feels amazing to learn how to play along with my favorite songs.

Le Roy, Illinois
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I've been playing guitar since I was 14. I was having a rough go, and convinced my parents to trade my trumpet in and help me get a guitar. Great birthday present. I'm inspired to play all kinds of music, and it has kept me sane now for 19 years of playing. I married into a family of high school music teachers - including my wife - which has allowed me to turn a normally boring living room into my guitar and music space. I'll play until my hands won't work anymore. Nothing better.

From Bellingham Washington  
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