... My name is Jason (Jay) and I decided to finally learn how to play guitar. 

Around the age of 12, I gave up band and lessons after about 3 years in which I played the trombone and the corner/trumpet.  I figured I’ll never grow the desire to read music, because I played everything by ear but I’d do a crap job when our instructor would have use read the notes.  My grandfather was saddened by this because he thought I’d be the next Glenn Miller or Harry James.  Did I mention that I am 49 years old and quickly approaching 50?  Showed my age with the big band stuff.

i wanted to play guitar so I went to the local music shop and picked out an electric guitar... a black Gibson SG... I didn’t have the money, so I managed to get a cheap Global acoustic.  

Because of the fact that I also got my father to give me his 1971 Formula (Firebird) that happened to be just sitting in the back yard and slowly rotting, I was told to get a job to fix the car.  So at 12 I got a job at a nice area restaurant... between work, sports and eventually my 6.5 years in the USMC and then raising my 3 kids.. I have finally got the time to play guitar again... so about a month ago I took my granddaughter with me and got us both our guitars, mine electric (cheap Johnson) and hers acoustic.  This was a spur of the moment buy and it was the holidays so I just bought according to what I had in my pocket that day.

Sorry for the long intro... just excited to finally be learning this thing.  Since I got it, I have been putting in at least 1-3 hours per night with it, stretching and strengthening my fingers and practicing picking.

Have a great day everyone.
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