Greeting fellow guitar enthusiasts!  I’ve been playing guitar since I was 10 years old, and electric guitar since age 15 (I’m 50 now).  I also play bass, a little bit of keyboard, and do live sound and have a home recording studio.  I always played guitar but never took it seriously or was very consistent with it until recently.  I got really into it and recorded an original solo instrumental album when I was 22, but then I let life get in the way and I stopped playing for a few years.  I always kept writing songs though and still do.
Then I got really into acoustic guitar again for a while, but have turned my focus to electric again in the past 5 years, but more intensely in the last year.  I invested in some new gear and upgraded the pickups on one of my old favorite guitars.  I do all my own upgrades and setups.  I was always a pretty good rythym player, but was never able to figure out how to master lead guitar and play shredding solos like my friends who played in local bands could...still working on that, seems like it takes soooo many hours of practice to get there but I’m still trying.  I was in a few bands playing either rythym guitar or bass.  With one band I was in 7 years ago, I was able to perform on a song that I co-wrote and co-produced that was on a Grammy winning album.

With this course, modes were finally demystified for me.  Tyler is a really great teacher and has a hilarious sense of humor that I appreciate.  I dreamed of going to Berkley College of Music when I was younger, but it was not possible, but Guitar Super System is the next best thing so am very thankful for this!

I currently play a Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro through a Marshall DSL40CR.  I also have a 1989 Peavey Generation Custom (EMG 81 / SA) and a Supro Westbury.  I’m into hard rock, metal, and indie/alt rock.
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