Hi , I am 15 years old,have been playing for 4 years but I became very active in this two years . Active in like playing 2-5 hours everyday without missing 😂.I am educated by Yamaha guitar class and also self taught a lot . I am very excited everytime to learn new things and also whenever Tyler post another video . I play jazz , pop fingerstyles , blues . I bought 3 acoustics this year , Ibanez , taylor , tanglewood. My brother who is 5 year old bought one mini squier a few months ago so I play electric a little in that mini guitar. I signed up for this system to learn more and also prepare myself for electric guitar . If my results is good , my mum has promised me to buy a prs custom 22 , Tyler recommendation 😉. 
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Hey Alex, Good to meet someone from so far away! 
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Pleased to meet you
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