Hello everyone,

I have been playing the guitar for a good long while, and haven't learned anything new for a good deal of that good long while. Recently I wanted to change this so I signed up for the super system and this has really motivated me to learn a lot more stuff.

Lately I have been messing with triads as many people have suggested it and it seems like a good next step. However I wanted to ask about how you guys actually use the triads to help create melodies and solos. I have been trying to memorize the different positions of the major and minor triads to start with so that I can bounce around between them through chord changes. I understand that they help you target chord tones so that your playing more follows and "matches" the chords behind you, but actually doing this is a bit harder. 

Do you tend to create solos using the specific notes and frets in the triad shapes like you would a scale shape, or are you supposed to just sort target and pass over those tones while focusing more on playing scales? I know that the most correct answer is probably both at different times, but how would you guys suggest getting better at using triads for someone who has been stuck in the scale box for a very very long time?
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