• Question for live stream

    Hey Tyler. Can you make a video outlining good practice and techniques for string skipping . Like that in metalcore.

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    Started by Zombotomy

  • Stalled

    I am 14 and have been playing for 2 years. I’ve learned a lot for a period of time that short, but I seem to Be playing only songs and feel that my...

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    Started by Md Ashaz Hussain

  • Blues Improvising Question

    I’ve recently “discovered” major pentatonics...or rather, made an honest effort to apply them to my improvisation after avoiding them for so...

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    Started by Jeremy

  • Livestream Different Timezones

    Hi Tyler, Is there any way to watch a recording of the live stream again after the event? I'm in a timeone where it's not really possible for me to...

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    Started by Boothy

  • Guided curriculum

    is there a capability to get a lesson path designed for what you want to learn personally, or is it just a bunch of lessons that you can bounce...

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    Started by LFlesher

  • Live Stream on Thursday, February 7th at 12pm EST

    Hi guys, I'll be conducting a livestream on February 7th at 12pm EST. I'll be emailing a link as the time draws near, so be sure to check your...

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    Started by musiciswin

  • I'm Interviewing John Petrucci!

    Hello friends! The NAMM Show is a week away, and I'm lucky enough to have some time with the amazing John Petrucci, and I want to ask him some...

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    Started by musiciswin

  • Let's get some more questions in here!

    Hey guys, I'm planning for the next live stream, so be sure to leave some questions either in this thread or a new one in this category, and I'll...

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    Started by musiciswin

  • Chords around major scale

    I feel like I've tired out all of the chord progressions to be constructed using diatonic chords, so how do I start incorporating non-diatonic chords

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    Started by Sebs

  • live stream

    Thanks for the input brutha i know using 1 string was cool bet how crazy to think i could use 2! hah but on a side question what i gotta do to get a...

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    Started by korywc

  • new here

    Hey Tyler, your public livestream is what got me to pay man good job! i have a few question about the simple pentatonic and plugging them in...

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    Started by korywc

  • Arpeggios

    Hi Tyler what is the difference between arpeggios and triads? Pablo

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    Started by Pablo

  • Stuck in a Rut

    Hi Tyler, I've been playing guitar for about 20 years but lately I find myself lacking the motivation to play. Every time I pick up my guitar, I...

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    Started by DaveMarsh