• Sound

    I am having trouble hearing any sound from the videos. What am I doing wrong?

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    Started by Bosoxmd

  • Jazz-Blues / Altered Scale

    Hi Tyler, About a week ago my guitar teacher showed me the Jazz-Blues progression and told me to solo over it, but of course everything I played...

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    Started by Yorey02

  • Beginner's Corner

    Hello Tyler (and anyone else reading this), I'm a new guitarist trying to use the Beginner's Corner to its fullest, and I have some comments to...

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    Started by JeLe

  • PDF files

    Loving all the material! Just wondering if you can have a page where all the pdfs in your course are available so I can download all of them in...

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    Started by MrQuiggles1194

  • curriculum

    is there a capability to get a lesson path designed for what you want to learn personally, or is it just a bunch of lessons that you can bounce...

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    Started by LFlesher

  • Muting lesson

    Hi, I've been using the alternate picking exercises for about a month and it helped me a lot to build speed. However, I'm struggling when it comes to...

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    Started by lzj

  • Search Bar to navigate lessons easier.

    Hi! I think a Search Bar in the top of the page wouldn't be bad. You could use tags for each video to make them easier to students to find them....

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    Started by motion_Blur .

  • Tracking Progression/Progress

    I love GSS so far! I am stuck on one part but aside from that it’s great. My only other critique would be I wish there was, at least for the Guided...

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    Started by Davey_T

  • Video Subtitles

    Hi man, i know this is an ambitious proposition. i know the majority of your subs must understand english too well. But english subtitles would very...

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    Started by Luffywara

  • Top level menu items

    Hi Tyler, Greetings from South Africa! I signed up for your new guitar school after watching the YouTube video you put out today. Your site is easy...

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    Started by ThargTheMighty

  • new user observation:suggestion

    Ugh! Notes right? Anyway, in the guided lessons it would be great to have a "next lesson" button. I see there are usually 3 links to...

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    Started by spweem

  • PDF Locations

    When I went into the Chromatic Scale section, I didn't see the PDF link for it. I saw the image which works just as well, but I don't know if the PDF...

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    Started by KnownAsNoOne

  • Backing Tracks

    Where are the backing tracks located? Thanks

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    Started by BillyGilz

  • Bookmarking

    Is there a way to Bookmark where you left off in a course and I'm not seeing it? Thanks, Mike

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    Started by Tuggey

  • Backing tracks for Guided Curriculums

    Hello, Where are the backing tracks located for guided curriculums? Thanks

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    Started by dklem

  • Feedback for Tyler (2nd day into the course)-Music Theory

    Hey guys/Tyler I am enjoying the course so far. Firstly a massive thanks to Tyler for setting this up! I love the style of videos he makes makes and...

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    Started by KevlaUK

  • Some Idea I got

    Hello ,I've been through your super guitar system for a few days. Your exercices are great but someone like me need to hear how to play correctly...

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    Started by Doudoujanou

  • Working with the Site

    Hey guys, I just bought this course 2 days ago and I struggle to follow a specific topic due to the veriety of videos. Is there a particular order...

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    Started by Guy_W