• Chris from Pennsylvania

    Greeting fellow guitar enthusiasts! I’ve been playing guitar since I was 10 years old, and electric guitar since age 15 (I’m 50 now). I also...

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    Started by FunWithShred

  • Hassan from Morocco

    Hey y'all, I'm Hassan from Morocco, i've been playing guitar since 2012,i got a cheap red squier. I'm more of a song player than a guitar player,...

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    Started by Luffywara

  • Phil From Kansas

    Hi all. Trying to make a serious (sort of) effort to learn guitar. I have an Ibanez AW54CE acoustic electric and a broken Affinity Squier Strat....

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    Started by Phil_from_kansas

  • Stefan from Austria

    Hi fellow guitarists! I‘m a Vienna, Austria based guitarist, currently playing in the folk metal band Nemoreus. I’m mainly on the metal and rock...

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    Started by StefNemoreus

  • Lexi from Alabama

    I've been playing for seven years. I started when I was 12 on electric and loved it from the start! I've always wanted to be in a band someday. I've...

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    Started by Guitarlover993

  • Vans from Canada

    Hi everyone, I’m Vans from Alberta, Canada. Been taking lessons for about 18 months and thought I’d just learn some campfire songs when I began....

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    Started by Vans

  • Hello Everyone...

    ... My name is Jason (Jay) and I decided to finally learn how to play guitar. Around the age of 12, I gave up band and lessons after about 3 years...

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    Started by Teufelhund

  • Andy from Southern Maine

    Greetings, fellow shredders! I've been playing guitar for about 14 years. My first song was Stairway (because of course it was). I play mostly rock...

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    Started by OGShredBaron

  • Dave from Western Mass

    Hey everyone! I’m Dave, I’ve noodled around with tabs for years but I want to actually LEARN how to play. I guess my overall goal is to learn how...

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    Started by Davey_T

  • Stefan from Annapolis, Maryland

    I've been playing guitar for about 14 years now. Started out as rhythm guitar in my first 2 bands, now I play lead for fun with groups in my area. My...

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    Started by MrPRicoSuave

  • Travis from Nebraska

    Well i'm Travis from Nebraska and i've joined the guitar super system for a couple different reasons. I taught myself guitar about 14 years ago so I...

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    Started by Duffronin

  • Ramsey from Kansas City

    Just want to say Hi to everyone. Been playing a roughly 5-6 years and been wanting to hammer down some of the fundamentals. I enjoy messing around...

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    Started by RumzD

  • Rick from Washington state

    Hi, I'm a new member. I've only started playing a few months ago, but I'm looking to learn and get better. Right now I'm just learning to play for...

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    Started by Techthulu

  • Ryan from Edinburgh Scotland

    hi folks I’m Ryan, I’ve been playing for 10 years off and on from tab and in the last few months started learning music theory and wow has it...

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    Started by Ryangray26

  • Adam from Louisiana!

    Hey guys I’m Adam from the boot as i like to call it ! I’ve just recently gotten back into playing guitar after about a 10-15 year hiatus. I’ve...

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    Started by Adam8705

  • Jesse -- musician seeking something new

    Howdy, all! My name's Jesse and I'm from Boise, Idaho. I'm beginning to learn guitar because I'm looking for something new in my musical journey. To...

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    Started by JeLe

  • Santiago Jaramillo from Colombia

    Hi everybody, my name is Santiago i'm from Bogotá, Colombia in south america. I have a band called Radio Fall and you can find us in every Digital...

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    Started by xpecasx

  • Alex from Malaysia

    Hi , I am 15 years old,have been playing for 4 years but I became very active in this two years . Active in like playing 2-5 hours everyday without...

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    Started by Alex

  • Mike from Gabriels New York

    Hi Everyone, I just signed up today! I am a 45 year old guy who's been playing guitar for over 20 years. I bought Tyler's courses on Udemy but really...

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    Started by Tuggey

  • Stig from North Wales in the (dis) United Kingdom

    Greetings, Stig here, 59 years old and have been playing the guitar on and off for a few years now - the “off” refers to the fact that I keep...

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    Started by Stig

  • Joe from Perth, Australia

    Hello everyone, After an moshpit accident 18 years ago (someone did a flip off a platform and landed on me) I stopped playing guitar after losing...

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    Started by icyjae

  • Dana from Boston Massachusettes

    Started playing about a year ago. Love playing but really found a lot of joy in "rebuilding" older guitars.

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    Started by WhiskeyKid666

  • Michael from Karlsruhe, Germany

    Hi everyone I'm Michael from Karlsruhe, Germany. I started playing and learning guitar on my own about 3 months ago. I'm here to improve my playing...

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    Started by CodeRed

  • Coleman from Memphis, Tn

    Hey guys. Looking forward to talking gear and music . Signed up for super system to improve my skills, especially on the theory side, which is very...

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    Started by Cmcard

  • Nathan from Melbourne, Australia

    Hi everyone, I'm Nathan from Melbourne, Australia. Been playing for quite a few years now but sick of playing the same old licks over and over. ...

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    Started by Boothy