• What's everyone listening to?

    What kind of music is everyone into here on the board? Here are the last 5 bands I listened to on spotify.. Russian Circles Glassjaw Cursive Pearl...

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    Started by Cmcard

  • Guys I need help

    Although this has nothing to do with music taste, I didn’t really know where else to post. Frankly I need help. I feel myself at a point where...

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    Started by Nicky Z

  • Underrated Bands / Guitarists

    One of the most underrated metal bands: Heaven’s Edge Their self titled debut album on Columbia records was phenomenal, with excellent song...

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    Started by FunWithShred

  • What can I do with a Bachelor's of Music degree?

    I wanted to go to college in FL or CA to study music theory and playing to improve and possibly get a job at it and I was wondering if anyone had any...

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    Started by Juju