• What is everyones favorite guitar?

    Currently, mine is a modded 2018 PRS SE Tremonti Custom that I recently got. I was able to catch one of Tremonti's last US shows last week, and got...

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    Started by Opunaesala

  • Picks

    I saw Tyler’s video on expensive gear and took note of him saying that plastic picks are not good. I would like to know what kind of picks he uses....

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    Started by stevelandress

  • New set up

    So I pulled the trigger on an investment. Ordered a new guitar and amp from Sweetwater, Schecter Sun Valley Super shedder and a Boss Katana 50. Heard...

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    Started by BillyGilz

  • Headphones for practice.

    Hey everyone! While I'd love to crank my amp to 11 and shred, the 700sq ft my wife and I share doesn't do much to dampen sound. I typically play...

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    Started by Dexutter

  • Yamaha THR10 vs Vox Adio GT

    Hey, I would like to know your opinion on these two small amps. I have been using a VOX AD50VT for a long time but due to it's size and weight I was...

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    Started by HernaniGama

  • .


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    Started by ppppp

  • Pedals

    Hello! I have a question to pedals... I am playing the Electric Guitar for almost a year now and I want to use pedals, but I dont know which is the...

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    Started by Pablo