• Music theory: how to use chromatic notes effectively

    So I watched Tyler's video about how to use the chromatic notes effectively but I didn't understand the video and don't know what he means by...

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    Started by djcota2004

  • Improvisation and Scale Mastery?

    Hey everyone, First time posting here. I have been playing guitar for 2-3 years now. I have recently got into improving my improvisational skills...

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    Started by mormakovo

  • Fretboard Navigation

    Hello! For multiple years, I've encountered a pitfall in my playing particularly when it comes to soloing and improvisation. Namely, navigating the...

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    Started by Jeremy

  • Improvisation with Triads

    So I posted this in another topic section and ran across another video lesson that I'm still wondering about. In music theory 2, there's a video...

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    Started by jtrabes

  • Triads...

    So I have been trying to chip away at learning triads and it’s going slowly but surely. One thing that is somewhat confusing to me is the B major...

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    Started by BillyGilz

  • Modes of the major scale vs brain's expectations

    Hi! I've been learning the modes of the major scale and I've noticed a weird ear sensation. Say I'm going through C lydian up and back down the neck,...

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    Started by lzj

  • Modern Method for Guitar

    Hi, I've noticed a widely acclaimed book named A Modern Method for Guitar (from the awesome college that Tyler went to 😃 ). However, I find it...

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    Started by leod

  • Stuck at Three Notes Per String

    Hi! So I’ve been using Super System for a bit now and I really like it, I’m going through the Guided Curriculum because I want to learn music...

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    Started by Davey_T

  • Mode Visualization

    I’m quite new to the guitar, but have been slowly chipping away and practicing as much as possible. As of now I’m focusing on the major scale and...

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    Started by BillyGilz

  • Music Theory and Guitar Terminology Definitions

    Hey folks! New guy here, signed up about two days ago. Also have only been playing for 5 weeks on acoustic. Got my first electric last weekend. In...

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    Started by nbrierton

  • Actually using triads

    Hello everyone, I have been playing the guitar for a good long while, and haven't learned anything new for a good deal of that good long while....

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    Started by GiantGuitarBlade

  • Practice

    I am new to this site/program. Outside of the instruction videos, are there any practice guidelines or stated goals to help the student know when...

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    Started by Daniel