• Getting a clean sound

    Hi, when i play guitar, I can't get it to sound clean(i always get pick scratching,noise,ringing,etc.) Is this a problem with my technique,my gear,or...

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    Started by GameFan

  • How to improve

    I've been causally picking up the guitar and messing around with it for about 6 years now, but in the last year or so I started getting really...

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    Started by CadeStrasheim

  • Implementing Triads

    So Tyler has a lesson up showing four steps for implementing triad use. I understand the different triads and inversions, but how is he using triads...

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    Started by jtrabes

  • Fretting hand - deciding which fingers to use

    Hello, I've noticed when watching Tyler play that he sometimes uses different fingers than I would when fretting notes when playing scales, riffs,...

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    Started by jd_182

  • string noise

    Hi, i cant help it but still got some background string noise when playing legato or sweep picking. Has anyone got any good advices for that? whats...

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    Started by jan_germany

  • Question about sweep picking.

    Hi! I've been using the Guitar Super System for a while now and I'm currently trying to get the hang of sweep picking. I was wondering how tight...

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    Started by karaliolio

  • Finger Dexterity

    As a new guitarist I’m constantly working on technique through various finger exercises or messing around with chord progressions. One common theme...

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    Started by BillyGilz

  • Thumbpick

    Hi, I have been playing for about 2.5 years and I consider myself good as I can sweep pick, speed pick finger pick and all that. However, ever since...

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    Started by Victor

  • Pick Grip

    Hi, was noodling around for 20 years and am here to unlearn lots of bad habits. However, really struggling with the pick grip. My old grip i keep...

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    Started by rory

  • Slide guitar songs

    I've started to play slide guitar, any song suggestions.

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    Started by daoshea23