Best Headphones for practicing from my amp (Katana-50, headphone out) votes

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Hey everyone! While I'd love to crank my amp to 11 and shred, the 700sq ft my wife and I share doesn't do much to dampen sound. I typically play through my Katana 50 at 0.5W at pretty mid-volume, but when I'm working on anything up the fretboard (especially bending) my poor wife is stuck hearing every bit of it. The Katana50 has a headphone out and I'd like to have a decent set of headphones so I can practice without driving her crazy. Any advice would be helpful!
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I also own a Katana 50. For headphones, I would reccomend MPOW. They make great budget headphones with great sound quality.
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I am using my Beyerdynamic DT 240 as mobile Headphones and for my guitar amp they sound great and are not to expensive.
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I just recently bought a pair of AKG K240 Studio headphones (55 ohms). Really great pair of headphones to start with. Nice flat EQ, so you really hear your mix.
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Brett Shawver Brett
Not sure if this is still an active thread but after I bought my Helix LT,  I wanted to get a good set of headphones so it wouldn't sound like garbage when I went to silent practice. I mean if you plug in a pair of earbuds, it doesn't matter that you have an incredible Helix or Fractal or Kemper it's not going to sound good.

So I set out to research the best set I could get that wasn't going to be too expensive. After visiting A LOT of chats & groups I'm part of on FB - I decided on the audio-technica ATH-M50x and I recommend them highly to anyone looking for a good pair of quality headphones that have excellent bass response & high-end clarity. These are found in a lot of studios & have an excellent reputation.

You will not be disappointed plugging these into your digital platform whether it's a Helix LT or something else. These are high quality & built great. I really dig the removable cable. It comes with a leather bag & 3 different lengths of cable & has the 1/4" adapter that screws on the end of the cable instead of just plugging it in.

Keep doing the good stuff! 🤘😁🤘
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