Hello Tyler (and anyone else reading this),

I'm a new guitarist trying to use the Beginner's Corner to its fullest, and I have some comments to make. I know that the "curricula" are a pretty new feature to the site, and I appreciate that you're working out the kinks. I apologize in advance for the wall of text, but I just want to point out the kinks as I see them. My criticism is seasoned with love. Ã°Å¸Ëœâ€ž

The videos themselves are good for the most part, but I do wish the "How to Tune a Guitar" lesson was more detailed, rather than just giving reference pitches. I'm already familiar with the process of tuning to a reference pitch, but it would be useful to have an explanation for those who aren't familiar. "Listen to the reference pitch. Play your note. Does your note sound higher or lower than the reference pitch?" Et cetera.

That's just a minor complaint. The major problem I've come up against is a feeling of disorganization, and that mostly comes up because the videos appear to be displayed out of order. For example, when I watched the Before You Play section, it was apparent that the "Understanding the Parts of a Guitar" lesson was probably supposed to be watched first, but it's halfway down in the list of videos. Similarly, in the Playing Examples, Exercises and Technique section, the "Essential Strumming Patterns" lesson is listed after the "Putting it All Together" lesson, when it really should come before.

Some of the videos also reference lesson numbers, with phrases like "Let's apply what we learned in lesson 10." If the lessons are meant to have numbers, then it would greatly help to have the lesson number in the video title. That would be an easy fix, and would make the content easier to navigate. Of course, if it's possible to switch the order of videos, that would make the content even easier to navigate.

Tyler, I love what you're doing on this platform, and I'm optimistic about where this magic carpet ride of guitar playing will take me next. Why don't we take that Beginner's Corner and crank it up to 11? Ã°Å¸ËœÅ½


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I'll second that.  As an older, completely new student with limited time (full time job, wife, and kids), I need a bit more direction on how much time to take.  For example.  The one note melodies (which to me seem more like one string melodies). 
  1. How long should I take?  5 minutes?  Until I can get each one perfectly?  
  2. When should I move on to the power chord versions?
  3. Same questions for each lesson. 
  4. How long should I take building up the chord repertoire vs going for scales?
  5. How do these things change if you want more lead vs rhythm? 
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Came here specifically to comment on the video ordering issue, and also e.g. in the "Power Chords" lesson text it says "The shape in the TAB image to the right is an example of a G power chord", but there is no image to the right.
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