• Joe from Perth, Australia

    Hello everyone, After an moshpit accident 18 years ago (someone did a flip off a platform and landed on me) I stopped playing guitar after losing...

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    Started by icyjae

  • Dana from Boston Massachusettes

    Started playing about a year ago. Love playing but really found a lot of joy in "rebuilding" older guitars.

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    Started by WhiskeyKid666

  • Michael from Karlsruhe, Germany

    Hi everyone I'm Michael from Karlsruhe, Germany. I started playing and learning guitar on my own about 3 months ago. I'm here to improve my playing...

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    Started by CodeRed

  • Coleman from Memphis, Tn

    Hey guys. Looking forward to talking gear and music . Signed up for super system to improve my skills, especially on the theory side, which is very...

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    Started by Cmcard

  • Nathan from Melbourne, Australia

    Hi everyone, I'm Nathan from Melbourne, Australia. Been playing for quite a few years now but sick of playing the same old licks over and over. ...

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    Started by Boothy

  • Hello, I'm Chris from Illinois

    I just recently started learning guitar, but I've meant to for a long time. I'm interested in Rock and Metal mostly, and Mark Tremonti is my spirit...

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    Started by Opunaesala

  • Hey, I'm Thad in Kentucky!

    Hey everybody, I'm Thad. I'm a PRS junkie. I play every kind of music, and have been playing guitar for 20 yearsish.I'm schooled in most of the...

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    Started by tlblev2

  • Hi Im Patrick from Guam

    I have been playing guitar on and off for less than a decade and now play exclusively for church at the moment. I actually purchased Tyler's Guitar...

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    Started by MrQuiggles1194

  • Lim from South Korea currently living in Vancouver

    Hi, my name is Lim and I love playing and practicing the guitar. I like melodic and not too much gain music for example Robben ford, Neil zaza and...

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    Started by Woody8901

  • Garth from South Africa

    Howzit from Pretoria, South Africa! I am a 38 year old web developer and played guitar for 10 years before life got in the way and I stopped for...

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    Started by ThargTheMighty

  • Jay from the Midwest

    Hello, name is Jay obviously. I am from Ohio. I have dabbled with guitars for 20 years or so, I have never taken the time to sit down and learn. I am...

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    Started by KnownAsNoOne