• Joe Baes

    My name is Joe, I am a retired Marine (1980-2010) and musician. I have played many instruments over the years, but always loved the guitar. I...

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    Started by Big Joe

  • Cody from Australia

    Hey everyone! I am from a city name Brisbane, Australia. I am 23 yrs old and currently in the Aus Army. I have touched the guitar when i was a...

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    Started by CJBowling

  • Hello from Youngstown, Ohio!

    I bought GSS 1 2 a couple years ago on Udemy became an instant disciple of Tyler's teaching! The dude really knows what he's talking about! Not...

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    Started by Brett Shawver

  • Justin from, wherever the Navy takes me.

    Good afternoon, I'm Justin, I'm 34, been dabbling in guitar off and on since I was a teenager but I never really had any direction to my practice...

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    Started by JUSTIN STARK

  • Candice from West Palm

    Hey! I used to play in middle and high school, but I never practiced a lot and never got very good so I got discouraged. Now I decided to pick a...

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    Started by Candice

  • Stanley from Los Angeles

    Hey guys!! I’m a new member here, 24yo live in Los Angeles. Been playing guitar for 12 years self taught, but I thought it was about time I...

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    Started by Stanley.wav

  • Hello There! I am Shriharshith from India

    Hello everyone. I started playing guitar a year ago. I joined here a month ago. Honestly speaking, I am learning here better than anywhere else....

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    Started by Shriharshith Keshav

  • Hi Everyone.

    Hi to all the MIW forums members. I’ve been a massive Tyler fan for years and felt the time was right to join the community to help take my guitar...

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    Started by TheMayze

  • Hello! I'm Jeremy, from beautiful Washington state

    Greetings! Just signed up today and am looking forward to diving into GSS once I get home from work. I'm 38, and a California native though I have...

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    Started by Jeremy

  • Hello from Memphis, Home of the Blues and the Birthplace of Rock and Roll!

    Hello everyone! I've been playing guitar for something like thirty years. I've taken a hiatus or two in that time, but I always seem to come back. I...

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    Started by Camden

  • Evan K, from Pickering, Ontario Canada...Mr. Neil Young once....

    ...lived here as a kid...that's why I play guitar....🙂 Rock On fellow musicians. E.

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    Started by InTheMood

  • Hi everyone, I'm Himanshu from INDIA

    It's so nice to finally join "guitar super system" even after playing guitar for over 9 years. I can play fast solos and lick, felt always...

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    Started by Himanshu Srivastava

  • John from New York

    Ive just started playing again about one year ago. I consider myself experienced intermediate. I chose Music Is Win because of Tyler’s diversity in...

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    Started by JohnLewis

  • Angel from North Carolina

    Hey everyone! My name's Angel. I'm twenty-nine years old. I hail from a small town called Dobson in the foothills of NC, about an hour and a half...

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    Started by Angel

  • Ryan from Glasgow - Scotland

    Hello! 24 years young and been playing on and off (although mostly off) for 10 years. I've been following Music is Win for a few years on Youtube,...

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    Started by Rtmcl117

  • DAV

    Hi everyone , been playing just chords most all my life. Never got any further than that. Now I want to learn theory, scales etc etc and...

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    Started by netwolf56

  • Caleb from North Carolina

    Whats up everybody. Been playing for about 4 years now, started in grad school. Can't put it down. Finally cashed on to this fellow North...

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    Started by Caleballen22

  • Sebastian from New York

    Hello my name's Sebastian, I'm nearly 18 been playing guitar since I was 12, I'm into post-punk, post-rock, and experimental music. I play a pretty...

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    Started by SebastianTalkov

  • Chris from Pennsylvania

    Greeting fellow guitar enthusiasts! I’ve been playing guitar since I was 10 years old, and electric guitar since age 15 (I’m 50 now). I also...

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    Started by FunWithShred

  • Hassan from Morocco

    Hey y'all, I'm Hassan from Morocco, i've been playing guitar since 2012,i got a cheap red squier. I'm more of a song player than a guitar player,...

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    Started by Luffywara

  • Phil From Kansas

    Hi all. Trying to make a serious (sort of) effort to learn guitar. I have an Ibanez AW54CE acoustic electric and a broken Affinity Squier Strat....

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    Started by Phil_from_kansas

  • Stefan from Austria

    Hi fellow guitarists! I‘m a Vienna, Austria based guitarist, currently playing in the folk metal band Nemoreus. I’m mainly on the metal and rock...

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    Started by StefNemoreus

  • Lexi from Alabama

    I've been playing for seven years. I started when I was 12 on electric and loved it from the start! I've always wanted to be in a band someday. I've...

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    Started by Guitarlover993

  • Vans from Canada

    Hi everyone, I’m Vans from Alberta, Canada. Been taking lessons for about 18 months and thought I’d just learn some campfire songs when I began....

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    Started by Vans

  • Hello Everyone...

    ... My name is Jason (Jay) and I decided to finally learn how to play guitar. Around the age of 12, I gave up band and lessons after about 3 years...

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    Started by Teufelhund